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Artchivio Museum

On October 6, 2018, the new Museum ArTchivio has been opened. In the rooms of this private “Enamel Museum” you can find a large collection of prestigious enamels and other fire art works, gathered over the years by Attilio Monzio Compagnoni, President of C.K.I. Italy since 2011.

The structure is headquartered in the wonderful location of Piazza della Libertà, Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo), comprising among other things:

- A permanent exhibit of the works collected by Attilio Compagnoni over the years;

- An exhibition area for personal and collective exhibits for the members of C.K.I. Italy;

- A teaching class for seminaries, workshops, masterclasses and short introductory enamelling courses:

- A constantly updated library with books about art in general, artistic and technical enamel, and other fire arts, with about 600 books and magazines.

ADDRESS: Piazza della Libertà 12, Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo, Italy).

OPENING HOURS: Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon. For organized visits it is possible to have an extraordinary opening on other days.

Note. The activities of ArTchivio Museum are temporarily suspended by order on the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency.