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Platinum Anniversary



Wednesday 6th April

Welcoming party with reverend Joachim Angerer, former abbot of Eibenstein.

Thursday 7th April

10:30 Holy Mass in Eibenstein with a renewal of the wedding vows. Gerhard and Ingrid Zwingler will accompany the spouses, their children will carry the flowers.

13:00 Friendly lunch by the "Monika Pölzer" in Eibenstein.

16:00 Visit at the Geras Abbey; following, visit at the “Schüttkasten” 

Friday 8th April

Visit at the cities of Slavonice and Telč in the Czech Republic and Horn in Austria.

Saturday 9th April

Visit in Klosterneuburg a the Verduner Altar, the famous enameled altarpiece created by goldsmith Nicholas of Verdun.

Sunday 10th April

Visit at the Premostratensian Abbey in Nová Říše (Czech Republic) and exhibition of the Otkrovenie chamber choir.