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<center>Etincelle - Flamme - Feu</center>

Le 25 juillet 2015, on a participé au vernissage de la Collection Gertrud Rittmann-Fischer chez la Fondation "Ritter von Böhl" à Deidesheim. Beaucoup d'artistes du CKI et d'ami personnaux de Gertrud ont été présent au vernissage.

Ceux-ci sont les discourses (traduction en anglais) du remerciement pour Gertrud du CKI Italie pendant le vernissage le 25 juillet et les salutations ò Monsieur Manfred Dörr, le maire de Deidesheim, 26 juillet.

<center>Salutations et remerciement à Gertrud</center>

Dear “teenager” Gertrud!

This is the right occasion to give you 1000 thanksThanks for exposing Your precious enamel collection here at the Ritter Von Böhl Foundation.  Thanks for giving birth beside to your children but also to the C.K.I. Thanks for teaching enamelling to thousands of artists. Thanks for the numerous humanitarian interventions, all the good and all the help that You gave and You never talk about. Thanks for giving your talent as a gift for us all: “If talented artists form new schools, later the schools will form new talented artists”. Thanks for showing us the way to go, accompanying us to St. Petersburg, Limoges, Florence and Deidesheim over less than 2 years. Thanks for teaching us to develop the culture of meeting and communication, to remove the walls, to open the doors wide and to build communication bridges. Thanks for leaving many footprints to follow during so many years of hard work. If just one person per country followed at least a part of your example, we would have an immense and everlasting CKI.  

The Italian members and I remain at your side. Here’s a little sign of our affection: a ring shaped like a ginkgo leaf for your next wedding anniversary.

Attilio Compagnoni and the CKI Italy

<center>Salutations au maire Monsieur Manfred Dörr</center>

Dear Mayor Mr. Manfred Dörr.

This has been the occasion to give 1000 thanks to Gertrud Rittmann-Fischer for the thousands artistic and humanitarian activities she made with and for the Creativ-Kreis-International. We have been taught by her to develop the culture of meeting and communication, to remove the walls, to open the doors wide and to build communication bridges.

We also owe to Gertrud the exposition of her collection of artistic enamels by the Ritter Von Böhl Foundation.

We Italian members of C.K.I. have firstly known and later loved the beautiful town of Deidesheim, not only thanks to the meetings at Gertrud’s home and the visits at the Ritter Von Böhl Foundation, but also to the receptions that you, Mr. Mayor, have organized here in this historical council room.

In the name of C.K.I. Italy, we want to celebrate today’s meeting with a gift: a watercolour enamel, created by Italian artistProf. Orlando Sparaventi, who is here present and hands it now to you.

The work represents a symbol-image of Florence, the so-called “David of Michelangelo”. This has also been the symbol for the23rd International Enamellers Congress. On that occasion, the C.K.I. held her international expo. Enamel is our meeting medium.

Attilio Compagnoni and the CKI Italy

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